The Little King is a short fiction film with a social content. It treats an important social issue – the suppressed anger, the repressed feelings and the complexes carried throughout life by someone whose childhood was far from ideal. Aris is a child who was sexually abused throughout his childhood. His introversion and shame never let him reveal it. And so he was obliged to grow up burying his anger deep inside his fear, without ever facing up to it, without giving it an outlet.

As he grew up, Aris became “a nice guy”. He had a good job, a good social image, a car, a family. But his ideal ‘front’ cracked at critical moments, revealing the real nature of the psychologically unstable person that he was so carefully hiding. Insignificant would make his anger burst into extreme types of behaviour – behaviour which he , in time, learnt how to hide, as those around him were terrified by his uncontrolled violence. And of course, the problem was growing…

When he finds out that his wife is unfaithful to him, he tries to control himself, but this is another critical moment in his life when ‘his cup spills over’, bringing to the surface supressed insults and repressed feelings from a whole lifetime that are so violent, so primitive, so catalytic, that the box of Pandora is opened releasing the violence and rage that was so long gestating inside him….

All that he had pushed into his subconscious, which had clearly not been healed by time, come to the forefront and lead him to extreme delinquent behaviour. The excuse to go over to the other side was a casual conversation which….